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Have trains but no place to run them?
No room for a home layout?
If so, read on:

One of the most exciting trends happening in model railroading is modular construction. In this method, a modeler builds one or more small portable modular sections that meet specific standard specifications in size, height, and so on, then joins them with other modules owned by other people to form a complete operational railroad. A group may agree on a common theme or each individual may do his own thing.

Modules are the perfect solution to the often-heard complaint that "I don't have the space, time, or money to build a model railroad." In addition, the modular program by its very nature encourages a lot of interaction with other modulers and the public.

Module Program
HO Scale Norm Curtis 425-743-9035, website
O Gauge (tinplate) Ed Ives 425-391-3313
N Scale (NTRAK & oNeTRAK) 425-443-6896, website
OmNiRail (N scale) Paul Pellegrino 206-909-2176, website

The 4th Division HO Modular group

This group now consists of about 20 active members with about 50 modules, a staging yard, and 6 corners. We get together monthly for breakfast and for about 8-9 shows annually for charity, community service, 4th Division events, and fundraisers. These events allow us to run lots of long trains, associate with fellow modelers, offer tips to and learn from spectators, and have a lot of fun. We can run both DCC and standard equipment. If you are interested in HO models, you are very welcome to join us. You do not have to have your own modules. We always appreciate help with set up, operation, take down, transportation, storage, ideas, and expertise. In fact, this is a good way to get started. By participating, you will eventually build better modules by getting excellent ideas and learning from the mistakes of others. Visit our web site.

Contact Norm Curtis, 425 743-9035, for more information, meeting times, and locations.

Show Schedule

Show Location Dates
Pacific Science Center Seattle January
United Northwest Show Monroe February
Great Train Expo Puyallup April
Rollin’ Rails Edmonds May
Lynden Lions Lynden October
Maple Valley Train Show (Maybe) Ravensdale October
Great Train Expo Puyallup November
Model Train Festival Tacoma December

The 4th Division Hi-Rail O Gauge Modular Group

This group consists of about 18 members who collect anything from ancient Marx or Ives tinplate to the modern die-cast Lionel and MTH trains with smoke and sound. If it's O gauge, 3 rail we run it, no question! We draw upon a supply of 23 modules, 4 corner modules and 4 yard modules and the number is growing! Our current capacity is to run 4 trains and 3 trolleys concurrently and we are increasing this by two additional trains. Large layouts allow us to run long trains.

We meet periodically as required for breakfast and to conduct business meetings to plan for the future. As needed, we also do one- or two-day module building sessions for those who want to get started or expand their modules.

We attend 8-9 shows a year in the Puget Sound region, from Lynden in the North, to Portland in the South. Participation in shows and meetings is voluntary and module ownership, although encouraged, is not required. If there is one thing about this group, we like to have FUN.

Come and visit with us!


Show Location Month
GWTS Portland
Rolling Rails Edmonds
United Northwest Train Show Monroe
TCA Convention Train Show, Doubletree Ed Ives
Good Ol’ Days Auburn
Train Show Albany, Oregon
Train Show Lynden
Train Show Maple Valley
GATS Vancouver, WA
Great Train Expo Puyallup

The 4th Division N-Trak Modular Group

Have fun with us!

The 4th Division N-Trak Modular Group has been up and running trains for eleven years. We have about a dozen members and over forty modules. The 4th Division supplied our original four corner modules; we added the spectacular yard shown to the left for PSX2004. With six 20' through loops and ten 6' stubs, we now have enough room to handle many prototype-length trains or over 750 40' cars!

We welcome all skill levels from beginner to expert.  For those of you looking for a way to try out the hobby or to get a little practice before you start on your own layout, talk to us.  Modular railroading is a great way to get started. You may not have room for a layout, but everyone has enough room for a module. They're the size of a card table and easy to set up and tear them.

If you have been looking for an excuse to get started, now is the time.  Don't worry, we'll help you learn all about it.  Bring yourself or a trailerload of modules.

For more information, contact Jeannie Melvin or .

Show Schedule

Show Location Dates

Pacific Science Center Show



United Northwest Train Show



Lynden Lions Lynden October

Maple Valley Train Show

Maple Valley


Great Train Expo Puyallup November
WA State History Museum Model Train Festival Tacoma December


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